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My Studio

When we first purchased this property in 2000, my new studio was an existing pole barn.  There was also an old barn that had been converted into a hunting cabin, that I used for my studio until 2012.  My old space was broken into small rooms that did not suit my needs.  I began construction on my current studio space in 2012.  It was a fun design project.  I recycled all the old windows and doors from the old structure into one large studio space, designed to create all my art under one roof.  The studio is comprised of 4 rooms.   One is a long storage hallway where I keep my event decor organized and recently added a shipping area.  The largest area is designed to flip from pottery to event design very easily.  The third room has a glazing area and 2 kilns.  The last is a restroom.  It is truly wonderful to have designed a space that houses all my  creations under one roof!  My studio is not open to the public.  I meet by appointment only.



Tammy’s studio.